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Introduction to the Hello Retail JavaScript SDK

Command Descripton Example
getBias Gets user and shop bias User & shop bias
getTrackingOptOut Opts the user out of tracking Opt in and out of Tracking
getTrackingUserId Get's the user id for tracking Getting the trackingUserId
loadPage Loads a particular page Loading page content using JavaScript
loadRecom Loads the recommendations Recoms using Javascript SDK
reload Reloads the current page Reloading for view tracking and initialization
search Fetches a search resultset Sending search requests
setCart Setting and clearing the cart Cart tracking using the SDK
setCustomerEmail Sets the user email Register email on tracking user
setCustomerId Sets a custom user id Set a custom id on your customer
setTrackingOptOut Updates the user tracking profile Opt-in and -out of tracking
trackClick Tracks clicks on Search, Pages and Recommendations Click tracking
trackConversion Tracks a user purchase/conversion Conversion tracking
trackPageView Tracks a user page view View tracking
triggeredEmailSubscribe Subscribes user to triggered emails Subscribe using the SDK